The story so far...

The story so far... (29/10/20)

This year has been the biggest impact to this brand. Due to Covid-19 the business has struggled massively in sales however it was a good thing that it happened as it gave us time to slow down and learn. From starting the brand we had no knowledge on what it takes to run a clothing brand and thinking it was going to be easy. As both being in love with fashion we wanted to create and build a streetwear clothing brand that produces better quality clothing than any other brand but to market for an affordable price. The fashion industry is growing everyday and many brands are being built their prices can sometimes be high, our aim is to be better than them brand and to sell at a lower price. As time goes on we have built a crazy family and we can't thank you enough for the help and support. The growth of this brand has been building non-stop. This year we have learned a lot of things that needs to be taken into consideration when running and managing a clothing brand and this doesn't mean we haven't stopped learning, we are learning everyday trying to become the biggest streetwear brand in the UK. Our biggest success was the release of our mini SS20 collection, as Covid-19 kicked in it was a big push back for us to bring out a full summer collection as the UK was in lockdown. However when we dropped the 4 different tees we gained a lot of sales and we had sold out on 3 tee and only having less than 5 items left in stock in the pink tee. This was crazy for us as it helped us worked on our part one of our AW20 collection. We was in a position that from the profits of the last collection was able to pay for our next collection. 

Coming to an end to 2020 we are aiming to hit 10K followers on Instagram, this has been one of our biggest goals from starting the brand and only being under 2K away from that goal is unreal for us! No matter how big we grow our biggest aim is to still be connected to our customers and family. There are brands out there that doesn't talk to their customers and it really loses a lot of loyalty in our eyes. We want to always talk to customers and to have a good relationship with them as they could potentially be a big part of the brand. For next year 2021 our biggest aim is to reach 20K on Instagram and to start taking this brand to the next level, this year was a big learning curve for us and now we are ready to take the next big step. We can't wait for you to join our journey and grow as a big family.


"2020 the year creativity & working with what you've got was tested to the max" - James Moore (Founder of RMDY Clothing)



Blog Written by: Jamie Ball - Creative and Co-Founder of Oakliclothing